Prof Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol CSci (UK)

Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD CPsychol CSci (UK)

Dr Kristina Gyllensten (Sweden)

Kasia Szymanska MSc MISCP Accred CPsychol (UK)

Focus and scope

The European Journal of Counselling Theory, Research and Practice seeks articles with a focus on theory, research and practice of counselling and psychotherapy. Papers can include brief reports, case studies, techniques, interventions, strategies, book reviews and conference reports. Editorials are written by the editors on topics of general interest or journal policy.

Perspectives, leading articles and keynote speeches maybe commissioned from experts in the counselling and psychotherapy fields.

Publication frequency

Journal items are published online as soon as they are ready and are added to the “current” volume’s Table of Contents. On an occasional basis, the publishers may print a paper journal version of the articles published.

Article and page numbering

In order to publish accepted articles promptly, National Wellbeing Service journals will use article numbers instead of the traditional method of continuous pagination through any particular volume. (Page numbers will still be used within each article.)

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

ISSN 2398-5607

Mailing address

National Wellbeing Service, 156 Westcombe Hill, London, SE3 7DH.


The European Journal of Counselling Theory, Research and Practice is published and owned by the National Wellbeing Service Ltd.


Email: editor@nationalwellbeingservice.com and coeditor@nationalwellbeingservice.com