Volume 2, Article 6

European Journal of Counselling Theory, Research and Practice, Volume 2, Article 4, 1-6.

‘Self-Supervision’ in the Therapeutic Profession

Veronika Basa

Citation: Basa, V. (2018). Self-Supervision’ in the Therapeutic Profession, European Journal of Counselling Theory, Research and Practice, 2, 6, 1-7. https://ejctrap.nationalwellbeingservice.com/volumes/volume-2-2018/volume-2-article-6/

Published on 17 December, 2018

Veronika Basa is an independent researcher (academic), author, educator, counsellor, supervisor, and a course designer and developer within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). She is the founder of Basa Education and Counselling Services (BECS) and the International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors (ISOCCS), and the course designer, developer and course author of the (69828) Certificate IV in Counselling Supervision (2007-2010), the first nationally accredited course in counselling supervision in Australia; and the (69795) Graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision (2010-2015), a nationally accredited course at AQF level 8.